In Search of Colour and Texture


If I had a penny for every person I’ve seen walking with a camera down Brick Lane, I’d be within arms reach of retirement. It almost seemed like a cliche to even consider shooting in this area, but nevertheless, shoot we did.

It wasn’t the first time I stood behind the lens before a model striking poses around the area, so why did I choose to be here again?


Well, that would be like asking a photographer why he/she uses the same studio, or a chef why he/she uses the same ingredients; it’s not so much the same if we have the intention to see and do things differently.

I knew for example that there were multitudes of colours to use as backdrops and having been there several times before, I kinda knew my way around. Nothing is more disorientating than having a destination in mind but not knowing which way to go.

And so myself, Natalia Espania (model) and Jusqu’a Sonja (MUA) ventured into chartered territory. Parking ourselves in a quiet corner so that the Team could get ready, we began  styling and matching colours with the visually striking outfits designed by Ivanka Hristova.


A short time later, we strolled the streets surrounding brick lane in search of more colours as well as texture, and we weren’t at a loss for choice.

The end result was just what we had hoped for, and more! We found a great many backdrops to play with, more than enough to keep ourselves content 🙂
















Images also published in December issue of Feroce Magazine

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