Top Tips for New Models


Having worked alongside many fashion/ beauty models over the years now, and having been asked many times for advice on getting into modelling (from a photographer’s POV), I asked some industry professionals what advice they would give to up-and-coming models.

Here’s what what they had to say:

“Don’t copy the conventional stereotype model, your best asset is your uniqueness and your own beauty. We live in changing times, so we are slowly seeing the non-conventional model emerging on the catwalks – plus sizes, pregnant models, darker skinned models. Be open minded, keep your integrity and humblesness, the industry is small and everyone knows everyone. It is cut throat, and you need to be tough to get through the snide remarks, but let it go in one ear and out the other. Stay true to yourself and trust your own judgement, mistakes may happen, but it’s those mistakes that will make you emerge stronger and successful”.

Shetal Joshi, MUA

“Never let anyone dictate to you what you should look like. If anyone ever says lose weight immediately turn around and walk out that door!

Also when you start out doing free work is quite normal to gain experience and getting those portfolio images. I suggest always negotiating for expenses as its the least they could do. If you are ever made to feel uncomfortable and your not willing to go ahead with what’s planned; you have the right to say no and leave. There still has to be professionalism and respect to all involved.

I’ve been made to feel terrible before and completely felt worthless- I travelled far and put effort in to the shoot- the photographer was so rude! I was actually in tears I made the mistake of staying there, I didn’t even get shot. I wasted my time and left feeling very low it took me a while to recover.
So ladies and gentlemen never let anyone treat you badly you are worth more than that! There’s plenty more opportunities out there don’t waste energy on the haters”.

Sophie Béphage – Model & Actress

“BE YOURSELF—— have your inspirations but never be “A Wanna Be” your true beauty will always shine the best when you are confident in yourself and how you want to represent yourself. There will always be competition. Competition is good. Take it as a motivator to push you to be better. In a healthy and happy way”.

Natalie Cranston, Photographer

“Be easy going, have a good personality. Don’t be difficult to work with and you will go far on the job. The industry is not huge; everyone knows each other and they will recommend you.”

Kitty Noofah, MUA 

“Work hard. Hustle. That’s it!” 😉

Neetasha Singh – International Model/ TV Presenter

My own advice?  Be organised. If you are serious about making a career as a model in the fashion or beauty industry, you should probably know the ins and outs of the industry.

Research what the role entails so that you understand what is (and isn’t) expected of you. Get to know who is who, make good contacts, work with fellow models and creatives who can help to develop your portfolio, then don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

Confidence is key.

Timothy Ward, Fashion Photographer

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