Fashion Styling During Pregnancy

As far as conversations go, I never thought that as a young man, I’d be having one about what women wear when they are pregnant, much less attempting to write about the topic. The notion crossed my mind however as I was discussing ideas with a fellow blogger and we decided that it would be an interesting topic to write about.

Obviously I couldn’t possibly speak from first hand experience…

So I sought some help from Emily Harvey a.k.a London Mummy of Two Girls on the matter.


On a sunny summer’s day in Richmond, London, I was keen to find out more about the maternal style and shopping challenges that Emily had faced, and she was happy to share her experiences and stories with me.

Throughout her first pregnancy, she was working a full-time office job, which influenced her choice of attire because she was obliged to maintain a professional look.

Other considerations came in the form of season and weather conditions.

As it was her first pregnancy, she wanted to be fashionable but didn’t quite know how to, and so stuck with her regular style. It didn’t help that at the time there weren’t very many stores doing maternity wear, but nowadays I am told, things have got a lot better, with many stores such as New Look, H&M, and Dorothy Perkins supplying a wider range of choices for mothers-to-be.

Dorothy Perkins Dress 2

Summer dress by Dorothy Perkins

I did in fact wonder if maybe there was a niche that needed to be filled in the market but I’ve been informed (by Emily) that there are more shops stocking maternity wear now than there were many years ago.

I had to stop Emily mid-sentence whilst she was explaining the practicality of a Maxi dress over the summer months whilst pregnant. I think I stand with most men when I say I had no idea what on earth a Maxi dress was, so for the gentlemen reading this – a Maxi Dress is a type of dress, normally reaching to the ankles that comes in a  variety of designs and often made from soft free-flowing fabric. (Now you can go and surprise your girlfriends with this newly found information) 😉

Emily tells me she lived in flip flops at one stage due to swollen feet, and in Summer, she would dress up more-so than in winter. I guess that’s one thing I can relate to; I mean, who doesn’t like to show off a little when the sun comes out? B)

Emily’s style advice – Stick with what you like; there is a good range out there now. Smaller ladies can get away with not wearing maternity wear and simply opting for larger sizes 😉


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