Why I Still Shoot 35mm Film

Ariana AV1--2

Quite simply, because I love it.

I’m enchanted by the process, from beginning to end.

I have very fond memories of being at college using the darkroom, seeing an image mysteriously emerge on paper from out of a chemical solution.

I remember using a medium format camera for the first time and thinking “I only have 12 chances to get this right” which really brought home the moment and made me think more deeply about what I was doing in the studio.

I enjoy taking my time to compose each shot and get the exposure just right. Ensuring that the model’s pose is “picture perfect” before clicking away.

I love the sound of the shutter and having to wind the roll of film after each shot; the whole experience becomes more personal.

I like having to wait with much excitement whilst the developers are printing my images, and finally getting to hold an actual photograph!

And I adore the look of film grain, that no matter how much I try to recreate in photoshop, just isn’t the same.

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