Brunch-tastic West London




Compelled I was to write this review, after a delightful and delicious morning down at The Hampshire Hog.

Several times had I passed this place whilst traversing along King Street before a travelling friend invited me for a farewell brunch at this cosy little gastro pub in Hammersmith which, I must say, took me by surprise.

It was a hot Summer’s day so the mention of a garden was what sold me to this particular choice of many places to eat.


I was instantly startled by the interior decor which had a very authentic antique yet modern feel to it. With the weather as it was though, we scurried straight through to the garden out back, which was just as pleasing to behold. My eyes couldn’t help but wander the landscape and its assortment of props surrounding the dining areas.

A word of advice, if you decide to take a trip here to sample the cuisine, make sure you go on an empty stomach. I had already had breakfast so only had room for a salad and a carrot/ginger smoothie, but that didn’t stop me gawping at my companion’s vegetarian breakfast.


Next time I most definitely will return with a vengeance.


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