I Coffee and Cake in my Calvins


On the busiest and most well-known street for shopping in the UK, trotting up and down the escalators and being blown away by the price tags of the world’s leading haute couture labels is tiring work, and so a tea break somewhere to rest the legs and recharge is an absolute necessity.

Hidden away amongst the scores of shoppers in a quiet little corner in Selfridges was a perfect place to do just that. The Corner Restaurant and Champagne Bar appeared to me like an oasis in a dessert…

No, that wasn’t a typo, because I must confess: I decided to treat myself to a cheeky afternoon dessert!

I have no regrets

It turned out that my choice of one of the three selections of “luxurious” cakes on the menu was also my waiter’s favourite. Say hello to Victoria:


The other options were chocolate cake and… Ermm… some other cake that became completely irrelevant to me after hearing the other two choices.

After I’d finished a lengthy photo shoot with lady Gateaux, I indulged and further acquainted myself with Victoria,  revelling in every taste and texture that she had to offer.


The ambience was unpretentious yet classy with a very welcoming and amiable atmosphere among both staff and customers. Comfortable and quiet enough to stay a while with coffee and a book to keep me company.

2 thoughts on “I Coffee and Cake in my Calvins

    1. I know right! I’d never seen it before as it’s tucked a way in a quiet little corner. A little expensive but then it is Selfridges. Nice to treat ourselves once in a while though 😊


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