Iman Perez – Model on a Mission

After scrolling through a September ’16 edition of Vogue magazine, I recently came across a section entitled “KNOW THIS FACE”, under which I discovered the fashion model sensation Iman Perez –  currently represented by agencies NEXT MODELS and STORM MANAGEMENT.

Aside from the sustainability and ethics movement, it’s not often that one would equate fashion with current affairs, and so after hearing (via Instagram) of Iman’s recent campaign to raise funds for homeless orphans in Morocco, I was intrigued and compelled to inquire.

It was a pleasant surprise and it made a refreshing change to see a model actively pursuing a worthy cause and so I would like to share the details with you all to support.

For more information the following link will offer some more insight into the issue, and where you can also make a donation of which I’m sure would be thankfully received

Iman is also selling clothes from her own collection via the downloadable app (user name @imanperez) where 50% of the funds raised plus a sizeable donation earned from her own modelling career will go towards the association.

I’m really hoping this is one trend that will catch on and continue, as it would be great to see more people from the fashion industry driven by compassion to make voluntary contributions to the wider community.

I wish Iman every success in her venture.

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