Seeing Stripes

A friend of mine from Istanbul recently came to visit me in London. I’ve known her for some time; not usually in the context of model/ photographer, but I decided to bring my new camera (Canon 80D) along for the ride anyway.

Thinking along similar lines (pun intended) it turned out that she had brought an extra outfit – a black and white stripy Crop Top and Mini-Skirt – in addition to the striped trousers that she already had on.

I didn’t ask if this combination was a mere coincidence but my first guess would be that the two outfits were very well thought out and put together.

Over the years I had begun to notice a change in her style that also reflected her personality, transitioning from a more casual laid-back vibe to one of a more expressive and flamboyant nature, yet still casually (and sometimes formally) mixing high-street and high-end fashion.

It was a scorching Summer’s day and we had the entire afternoon to catch up whilst observing the movement of natural light around Westminster, as well as hunting around for street-style backdrops to compliment the other elements of the images.

Model – Esra Kahvecioğlu

Photography – Timothy Ward

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