Dead Sea Salt Scrub

DEAD SEA SCRUB-7441.jpgEver been walking through the shopping centre and had an attractive salesperson try to entice you into testing their must-have dead sea salt concoction that is just oh-so-good for your skin?

Yeah me too!

I decided to indulge one day in this particular body scrub by Body Shop. It was of my own volition however, because sometimes I just like to try new things out, and then I write about them, and then you read it. I guess that’s how this blogging thing works no?

Great! Then let’s get on with it.

Shower time is definitely a morning ritual for me prior to work; it (really) invigorates my soul and wakes me up in the morning. So to go with the daily custom, it’s great to have products that make it all that more enjoyable.

Let’s begin with the smell… wow. I literally close my eyes and enter a state of euphoria whenever I take off the lid. And I get to spread it generously all over my body…?! Okay 🙂

It all begins tremendously well, but then the happy face slowly turns into a disappointed one; the crystals seem not to last very long for me, which kind of defeats the idea of it being a scrub, at which point it’s more like a rub…

My only other reservation about this particular product is that it tends to leave my skin quite oily, leaving me with the feeling of needing to remove the excess sheen. On such occasions though I can go without having to apply cream afterwards.

Win win? Yeah go on then.

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