Photo Focus – One simple idea to Improve your online Photography


Whether you are a blogger, a stylist, makeup artist, fashion designer, photographer, or just somebody who uses images on a regular basis for promoting their work, chances are you will have had a few photo shoots under your belt.

Over the years, I have had a lot of chances to experiment with different ideas, but in terms of creativity, it need not always be a case of re-inventing the wheel to produce something unique. Once you know a few basic principles or techniques, it becomes easier to exploit them in different ways.



To illustrate this I am using images from a photo shoot I did during Summer 2016. I had attended a Fashion and Beauty Show in London, where I met a model who I instantly connected with.



Primarily I think it’s very important to establish a good rapport with the model, which then allows us to discuss different ideas together.

The one idea I wanted to focus on that day however was Vantage Point, which is also the main theme of this article. To me that means looking at one thing, but from as many different angles as possible.


From up high, from down low, I remember entering a state of spontaneous flow, which lead us both from the original location, to several others.

I asked myself: how many different ways can I look at Paula through my camera?


We went from shooting on a catwalk, indoors to outdoors in the rain, standing on things, on the pavement, in the middle of the road, inside a restaurant, beneath a hotel canopy, hiding behind things, looking through windows, obscuring my vision with objects, and so on and so forth.


Come to think of it, most shoots I have done end up using this variant in some way or another. And it need not always be a model, the same principle of exploring vantage point can apply to inanimate objects: finding different ways to view your subject.


This is just one element of composition that I think helped me to progress with my photography, but for me the most liberating. It allows me to move, and for my subject to be moved.


There have been times at fashion shows where there are several other photographers shooting the same model, with the same cameras, from the same angle.

How then does one differentiate their pictures from the others? Stand somewhere else!

Use the power of vantage point to get a unique perspective of things.



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