Is Fashion Photography a Dying Art-Form?

After having attended the Vogue 100 festival during the Summer of 2016, I was afforded the opportunity to sit in on a presentation by Jaime Perlman, creative director of Vogue magazine. Looking back in retrospect and over my notes, I’m still sat wondering where the future of fashion photography lies.

The general sentiment in summary seemed to be that we are currently going through a phase of revisiting of old styles, meaning that more and more photographers are now going back to using film. During the presentation one of the slides showed an interview with a well-known photographer mentioning that his use of film feels more “professional” than using digital.

The current aesthetic that predominates the industry is that of a clean, sharp and focused image, lending its quality to the capabilities of today’s modern (and widely accessible) DSLR cameras and smartphones.

The question of whether fashion photography has a future has also been brought into question. With more and more digital techniques and mediums becoming available such as gifs, video, apps, animation, etc. the scope of marketing within the fashion industry has also broadened its horizons.

For the time-being, it is quite clear that fashion photography is here to stay for a while, having already made an epic transition into today’s ever more socially-savvy digital world. It dominates the marketplace as the weapon of choice for designers, MakeUp artists, Stylists, and photographers to showcase their work and as a tool to visually communicate and document ideas.

Having said that though, there are also a plethora of exciting alternatives and mediums for marketing products that can either be used in conjunction with photography or separately. This then, should be an exciting time for such mediums as new innovative techniques, technologies and concepts are being utilised and shared globally on a daily basis, opening new doors for creative styles of communication to form and emerge.

2 thoughts on “Is Fashion Photography a Dying Art-Form?

  1. Good points Tim. I’ve always found it challenging to connect with fashion photography as it is all style over content but some Photograohers you included do manage to add a bit of heart and story to their fashion images .

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    1. Thank you Amancay! Nick Knight once said that the story is all in the design, so there is isn’t much need for narrative in fashion film. For me, I’m beginning to think a lot more deeply on the meaning behind images rather than just – as you said – its form. I was taught that meaning is also an element of composition in photography, but then I guess that’s something very few photographers include in their work. Check out this interview


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