The Skin Versus The Sun

As the weather warms it’s likely that many of us will be spending a lot more time outdoors, exposing more of ourselves to the natural elements. As much as Vitamin D can have positive results on our wellbeing, the sun can also have adverse effects on our skin. With sunscreen being an advised preventative measure, most would find that it’s not always practical to wear it every day. Other factors can also play an important role such as our diet, alcohol consumption, allergies, and our daily intake of water. When skin problems do occur though it is vital to take remedial action and ultimately seek a professional opinion.

Having recently had issues with own skin, bringing the situation to forefront my attention, and having tried many lotions, I had been on the lookout for one that would potentially nourish and heal, as well as keep my skin moist and supple, but with many products flooding the market it can be difficult to choose which ones are right for our own individual needs.

Creams can have a whole host qualities, due to each one containing several different ingredients. I had always been most keen on products that have fewer chemicals, making it easier to research the benefits (and potential side effects). Regarding my own experience, I had developed a condition which when I researched, discovered that it could be an allergic reaction to aftershave that I was wearing on a daily basis.

I remember once whilst on holiday in Cancun, I was outdoors for a prolonged period of time, unprotected from the harsh sun, resulting in a red burn that eventually turned into a dry flakiness (apologies for the graphic description). A friend of mine had given me some aloe vera, straight from a nearby plant, which had a very soothing effect, and seemed to help alleviate the condition.

Taking all of the above into consideration, I recently decided to try using a new lotion by JĀSÖN, which is 84% Aloe Vera, and appears not in the gel form, but as a lotion which can be used for daily purposes. It seems to be doing a great job so far; my skin feels soft and smooth, as well nutrified. I also have a comfort in knowing that the Aloe plant has long been renowned for its healing properties.

JASON ALOE-9582.jpg



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