Summer Shopping Spree! Online?

I’ll be honest with you. I’ve never shopped online for clothes before, so this is a first for me. Call me old-fashioned but I actually enjoy the buzz of the high street, looking for a new outfit for a night out with the lads, and actually being able to try clothes on before I purchase them.

It’s always been especially nice to have a second opinion on new outfits too, like that of a partner or friend, so shopping online for clothes always seemed like a lonely pursuit to me.

Nevertheless, I’m sat here in front of my computer wondering what all the fuss is about and I’m going to search to see what I would buy should I ever decide to make the shift from high street to e-commerce.

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Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Spring is here! And if you live anywhere near the UK, you know it means exactly that – still not quite Summer just yet. We still have cold and rainy days with the odd spot of sunshine, but not quite chilly enough to go full Eskimo with the wardrobe.

Enter the Trench Coat. Perfect for those windy walks through the city when it’s just too cool to not wear a jacket. This particular one is from the Ralph Lauren Purple Label collection and is available in-store at Selfridges, Bond Street.

It would make a very practical addition to a refined gentleman’s style ensemble.


Also available in black at ( only available to order online in the US)

India Fashion Week London

Friday night saw the launch of the first ever India Fashion Week London, and unlike the UK’s counterpart London Fashion Week, ExCel London welcomed a more vibrant colour-loving audience into its halls.
In a crowd littered with familiar faces we saw Sky Desi Rascals reality TV stars Jo Shah and Moses Baig, Karan Tacker the Indian television actor and host, all spotted catwalk-side. Noted bloggers included Ezza Khan of “Be your own shade of beautiful”, Rumena Begum and Samiz Mustak.

The inaugural fashion show was opened by DJ Neev Spencer and followed by Presenter Sonali Shah, both ambassadors of the British Asian Trust who came to show their enthusiasm for the growth of Asian fashion in the UK market.

Press conference

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In Search of Colour and Texture


If I had a penny for every person I’ve seen walking with a camera down Brick Lane, I’d be within arms reach of retirement. It almost seemed like a cliche to even consider shooting in this area, but nevertheless, shoot we did.

It wasn’t the first time I stood behind the lens before a model striking poses around the area, so why did I choose to be here again?


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Hermes Wanderland

Circa 9am. A ring tone set to the sound of birds chirping and the rumble of my phone awakened me from a comfortable slumber, alerting me to the fact that I’d received a text message.

It was an invitation. I accepted.

I arrived at Notting Hill Gate Station with four minutes to spare before the circle line train came speeding from the tunnel. I strolled the length of the platform and stopped at the end, perching myself on a wooden bench next to a young lady, perhaps in her mid twenties.

“Where did you get your shoes from? They’re really cool!” I remarked. I was drawn to the deep blue hue and distinct style. She went on to say that they were made by an Italian designer named Mauro Leone and that she had bought them from Milan.

blue shoes-1

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