Seeing Stripes

A friend of mine from Istanbul recently came to visit me in London. I’ve known her for some time; not usually in the context of model/ photographer, but I decided to bring my new camera (Canon 80D) along for the ride anyway.

Thinking along similar lines (pun intended) it turned out that she had brought an extra outfit – a black and white stripy Crop Top and Mini-Skirt – in addition to the striped trousers that she already had on.

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The Power of Emotive Imagery

The Fashion and beauty industries are both brimming with advertising designed to increase sales of products. In an attempt to draw attention to brands and outdo the competition I think we will soon see a heavy focus on more and more elaborate techniques.

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In Search of Colour and Texture


If I had a penny for every person I’ve seen walking with a camera down Brick Lane, I’d be within arms reach of retirement. It almost seemed like a cliche to even consider shooting in this area, but nevertheless, shoot we did.

It wasn’t the first time I stood behind the lens before a model striking poses around the area, so why did I choose to be here again?


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Natural Light

sophie natural -1

Summer seems to be encroaching upon us quite enthusiastically here in London. The sun has been welcomed with open arms and the streets are being filled with a bubbly and  charismatic atmosphere.

Shorts, skirts, t-shirts, vests, sunglasses and sandals are all emerging on the shelves of the high street stores and the winter jackets have been exiled to the darkest realms of our wardrobes.

How long this will last with the unpredictable reputation of England’s weather, I don’t know, but whilst the sun is here I intend to make full use of the natural light.

The sun’s warm tone especially at dawn and dusk is perfect for taking photos such as the one above, but be careful of the harsh shadows, unless you are going for that strong and dramatic contrasting effect!

Happy snapping people 🙂

How To Organise a Fashion/ Beauty Shoot


i woke up like this

We all have our own way of doing things, but there are some factors that seem to be universally agreed upon when carrying out a photo shoot. Below are a list of considerations that I take into account before and during shooting.

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