Ocean plastic is an extremely important issue. I had the chance to attend a talk at the Vivienne Westwood store who collaborated with the “One Less Bottle” campaign on sustainability in fashion and how we can all contribute towards reducing the amount of plastic being dumped into our waters.
I made this video with accompanying music that features some key points that were made by the speakers:
Emma Breschi
Fiona Llewellyn
Anna Birney

Spring Clean Those Jeans!

Nefeli HD-68.jpg

I haven’t heard many people mention that they’ve done a spring clean yet and we’re almost in Summer! To be honest I only just did mine, and yes it feels great!

So don’t forget to declutter your wardrobe of any unwanted items that you know you’ll never wear again. There’s a charity shop out there that will happily welcome your donation 🙂

Not only will it help to simplify your living space but it will also help to dejunk the planet. Much of our unwanted clothing ends up as landfill when it could just as easily be recycled.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure as the old saying goes.