Hermes Wanderland

Circa 9am. A ring tone set to the sound of birds chirping and the rumble of my phone awakened me from a comfortable slumber, alerting me to the fact that I’d received a text message.

It was an invitation. I accepted.

I arrived at Notting Hill Gate Station with four minutes to spare before the circle line train came speeding from the tunnel. I strolled the length of the platform and stopped at the end, perching myself on a wooden bench next to a young lady, perhaps in her mid twenties.

“Where did you get your shoes from? They’re really cool!” I remarked. I was drawn to the deep blue hue and distinct style. She went on to say that they were made by an Italian designer named Mauro Leone and that she had bought them from Milan.

blue shoes-1

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How To Organise a Fashion/ Beauty Shoot


i woke up like this

We all have our own way of doing things, but there are some factors that seem to be universally agreed upon when carrying out a photo shoot. Below are a list of considerations that I take into account before and during shooting.

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