An unlikely location

After having started out doing street photography, I always felt most at home whilst shooting outdoors “on location”.

But when Nusi suggested a photo shoot at Tesco I couldn’t help but laugh. I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun than shooting in the supermarket and get thrown out by security.

NUSI TESCO-6739.jpg

Model/ designer: @iamndora (Nusaiba Mohammad)

Photographer: Timothy Ward

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Building a Successful Brand With Social Media – ZUKREAT at LONDON MODEST FASHION WEEK

In this video Zukreat, founder of Artist of Makeup, speaks at London Modest Fashion Week held at the Saatchi Gallery in London on building a successful brand using social media.

Filmed by Timothy Ward | | |



Anyone who has seen my Instagram page @togtim may know that I have been collaborating on some fashion shoots with blogger/ stylist Salma aka The British Moroccan.

On this particular shoot, we teamed up with one of Malaysia’s leading online stores to create this Autumn lookbook.

Check it out!

Fashion Styling During Pregnancy

As far as conversations go, I never thought that as a young man, I’d be having one about what women wear when they are pregnant, much less attempting to write about the topic. The notion crossed my mind however as I was discussing ideas with a fellow blogger and we decided that it would be an interesting topic to write about.

Obviously I couldn’t possibly speak from first hand experience…

So I sought some help from Emily Harvey a.k.a London Mummy of Two Girls on the matter.


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